90 points or higher* (*we don't buy wines based on points and you shouldn't either)

We don’t sell wines based on ratings, and you shouldn’t buy based on them. Wine ratings suck. Wine, like food or music or cinema has become fodder for critics who like to make absolute justifications for their numerical ratings. Wine however, is most often paired with food, and as such would need to be criticized in context. The greatest wine to serve with oysters is going to be possibly the worst wine to serve with cake. How do you give a single number rating that says this. Should the critic give sliding ratings to each wine that shows how it pairs with every food conceivable? Beyond drinkers who are basically at their infancy of wine experience, critics points should be abandoned and ignored. Any retail business or restaurant who sells wine based on critics points should be ashamed of using this dog-whistle technique and berated until they are embarrassed enough to stop and begin selling wines like an adult. Stores that post wine ratings are run by amateurs and you should never support them.

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