Umbria Rosso “Baiocco”


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Antonelli, Umbria Rosso "Baiocco", Umbria, Italy 2022
{organic} Sangiovese

In the mountains outside Fillipo Antonelli’s sprawling, ancient Umbrian estate lies the town of Norcio – the site of one of the first Roman medical schools ever established. Students at the medical school familiarized themselves with human anatomy via pig anatomy, which required that the pigs were dried in the mountain air to maintain their integrity. And thusly, local lore proclaims, was the basis for charcuterie. Anecdotal veracity aside, this stainless-aged Sangiovese is an excellent compliment for all manner of porky goodness – dried or otherwise. Vibrant fruit and balanced tannins help prepare the palate for piggy delights!
Serving suggestions: Crostini alla norcina w/ truffles, anchovies & chicken livers. Piave & wild mushroom risotto. Fried pigs ears w/ chili salt & lime.

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