Fronton Rouge “Coste Rouge”


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Chateau La Colombiere, Fronton Rouge "Coste Rouge", Southwest, France 2016
{biodynamic} 100% Négrette

Diane & Philippe Cauvin’s "Coste Rouge" is made from Négrette, a rare, local indigenous grape. It comes from a single parcel of vineyard with iron rich soils of pebbles, gravel and sand. This distinctive terroir gives the wine a softer, yet more intense, version of the grape, heightening its unique characteristics. This is the purest expression of wine from Fronton, the standard by which the others are measured!
Serving Suggestions: Cassoulet, the bean, pork, duck & sausage casserole of the same region. Harira, a Moroccan chickpea, lentil, tomato, & turmeric soup.

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