Pinot Noir


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Dr. Heyden, Pinot Noir trocken QbA, Rheinhessen, Germany 2018
{sustainable} 100% Pinot Noir

Working from 11 hectares in the town of Oppenheim, the Heyden family is making an international splash. Winemaking prodigy Frank Heyden combines grapes from his Schlöss vineyard (for elegance and fruit) with those from his Kreuz vineyard (for weight and body). This is a scream and will eradicate any misconceptions you have about German reds. Satisfyingly rich and Burgundian in style, this Zeppelin of a Pinot revels in the variety’s classic character and illustrates why Pinot is now Germany’s most planted red varietal!
Serving Suggestion: Lean beef like tenderloin. Quail & richer poultry dishes. String beans w/ wild rice, almonds, & butter.

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