Aperitif “Marie-Framboise”


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Domaine Jean-Luc Pasquet, Aperitif "Marie-Framboise", Cognac, France NV
100% Ugni Blanc with Eau-de-Vie and Raspberry juice

Produced in the style of the Pineau des Charentes, which sees fresh grape juice or must combined with Cognac, Pasquet’s Marie-Framboise consists of a blend of freshly pressed grape juice from 100% Ugni Blanc grapes and eau-de-vie that has had organic red raspberries macerated in it for three months. Aged for 18 months in Limousin oak casks, the result is a brilliant aperitif which captures the essence of fresh raspberry from the bush wrapped in the embrace of Pasquet’s luscious Pineau des Charantes. Bursting from nose to finish with vibrant raspberry, oxidized grape, fig, and orange blossom, Marie-Framboise is a spirited, refreshing experience on the palate with a vibrant attack and pleasant acidity on the finish. 16% ABV.


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