Zinfandel “The Immortal Zin”


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Peirano Estate, Zinfandel "The Immortal Zin" Old Vines, Lodi, California 2021
100% Zinfandel

This one’s deceptively subtle. First the aromas: vanilla, dark cherry, bramble berries, and earthy rhubarb. Then the taste: a medium-full bodied, pleasure-packed wallop of berries and toast. And lastly, the finish: smooth and breathless, almost pillowy soft. Peirano Estate delivers a delicious and lovable everyday drinker made from +100-year old vines in the largest single plot of naturally rooted Zinfandel in the country!
Serving Suggestion: Kiss the chef and fire up the grill, we’re barbecuing tonight! Smother, rub, or marinate, but make sure there’s BBQ at the table!

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