Corbieres Rouge “Valensol”


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Domaine La Bouysse, Corbieres Rouge "Valensol", Languedoc, France 2020
{organic} 50% Carignan, 50% Mourvèdre

There comes a point for most of us when we reach a plateau. That’s life. They don’t usually come equipped with castles or a stamp from UNESCO however, but, for Martine Pages and her brother Christophe Molinier, it did! Their plateau is called “Bouïs” and it juts out of the Corbières landscape like a ship on open water. In the wake of this jutting rock is a region highly susceptible to drought and brush fires, which, in the world of wine, translates to unabashedly unique juice! Honoring that unique character by fermenting in concrete tanks, the Valensol has us saluting: to plateaus! 
Serving Suggestion:  Roast a pork shoulder in ginger beer, spice it with yellow onions and nutmeg, and pull it over a bowl of macaroni and cheese with sharp cheddar. 

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